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Taking a first step toward good health.
When you consider that nearly 75% of the nation's combined healthcare spending stems from chronic conditions1, Walgreens Health Testing makes a critical difference through early identification of potential chronic risks and creating better opportunities to manage overall healthcare costs.

Walgreens Health Testing Program is offered at over 350 Healthcare Clinic locations* and at over 2,500 community pharmacies. Through testing, our pharmacists, and the Healthcare Clinic nurse practitioners and physician assistants offer valuable face-to-face counseling and education that encourage patients to participate in their own health and help you control major avoidable medical expense.
Get to know our offerings:
Types. Walgreens provides convenient, affordable opportunities for individual health testing, including a blood pressure test-along with blood glucose, cholesterol, A1C levels and body composition.

Findings. Our tracking shows that when Walgreens pharmacists conducted health testing, approximately 40% of patients had at least one result outside the established clinical guidelines-requiring our pharmacist to provide further care and services, including professional consultation and appropriate physician and specialist referrals.
Expanding the role of the pharmacist.
The Health Testing Program is one example that demonstrates how Walgreens pharmacists are moving from behind the counter to being front and center for our customers. We provide the needed points of access to help employees meet employer requirements for health screenings. Our program can also be leveraged outside of annual health testing programs to help employees be more informed and better manage their own healthcare.

To learn more about health testing, blood pressure tests and more, contact a Walgreens Solutions Expert.

1U.S. health care costs. The Henry Kaiser Family Foundation Web site. http://www.kaiseredu.org/topics_im.asp?imID=1&parentID=61&id=358. Accessed April 22, 2010.

*Patient care services provided by Take Care Health Services, an independently owned corporation whose licensed healthcare professionals are not employed by or agents of Walgreen Co., or its subsidiaries, including Take Care Health Systems, LLC.
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