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C-reactive protein
C1 esterase inhibitor
Calcium - blood test
Calcium - ionized
Calcium - urine
Caloric stimulation
Campylobacter serology test
Capillary nail refill test
Capillary sample
Cardiac catheterization
Carotid duplex
Carpal tunnel biopsy
Catecholamines - blood
Catecholamines - urine
CEA blood test
Cerebral angiography
Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) collection
Cerebrospinal fluid culture
Cervical MRI scan
Cervical spine CT scan
Chest MRI
Chest tomogram
Chest x-ray
Chloride - urine test
Chloride test - blood
Cholinesterase - blood
Chorionic villus sampling
Chromium - blood test
Citric acid urine test
Clean catch urine sample
CMV serology test
CO2 blood test
Coccidioides complement fixation
Coccidioides precipitin
Cold knife cone biopsy
Color vision test
Colposcopy - directed biopsy
Complement component 3 (C3)
Complement component 4
Complement fixation test to C. burnetii
Comprehensive metabolic panel
Coombs test
Cord blood testing
Coronary angiography
Coronary risk profile
Cortisol - urine
Cortisol level
CPK isoenzymes test
Cranial CT scan
Creatine phosphokinase test
Creatinine - urine
Creatinine blood test
Creatinine clearance test
CSD skin test
CSF analysis
CSF cell count
CSF coccidioides complement fixation
CSF glucose test
CSF myelin basic protein
CSF oligoclonal banding
CSF smear
CSF total protein
CT scan
Culture - colonic tissue
Culture - duodenal tissue
Culture - joint fluid
Cystometric study
Cytology exam of pleural fluid
Cytology exam of urine

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