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Topic: Blood Glucose
Question: Whenever I check my blood glucose, it's always high. This makes me feel bad. Should I keep checking?

Answer: It certainly can be frustrating if you continually see high blood glucose readings. While you may not think this information is helpful, it actually is! There are a number of common reasons for high blood glucose readings:
  • Eating more food than usual, especially carbohydrate foods
  • Not doing enough physical activity
  • Not taking enough diabetes medication
  • Being sick or having an infection

No matter what the reasons are, your results are showing that it's time to talk with your diabetes team about ways to help lower your blood glucose. Before you talk with your healthcare provider, though, ask yourself these questions:
  • Am I using my blood glucose meter correctly?
  • Do I need to change my diabetes medications?
  • Do I need to count carbohydrates more carefully or cut back on my portion sizes?
  • Do I need to try fitting more physical activity into my schedule?
  • Am I sick or do I have an infection?

Consider your answers so you are ready to talk about them with your healthcare provider. You also will want to find out your A1C (the blood test that reflects your average glucose over the last two to three months) to see if it is above your target. An A1C of 7.0 or less is a common target for glucose control. (Learn more about the A1C test.)

And remember to always record your glucose readings in your logbook and take the logbook to each diabetes appointment. This will help you and your provider make changes to your diabetes treatment plan to more successfully manage your diabetes.

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