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Topic: Insulin and Diabetes Pills
Question: Now that I have type 2 diabetes, I have to take all these pills. Won't my body use them as a "crutch" and get weaker?

Answer: Having type 2 diabetes means that your body no longer is able to use its own insulin as well as it should. Your body needs a little help to keep your blood glucose levels in a safe and healthy range. Following a meal plan and getting regular physical activity are important lifestyle factors that can help you control your glucose levels.

Sometimes, though, meal planning and physical activity aren't enough by themselves, and medication may be needed to help you reach your target glucose and A1C goals. You may even need to take more than one type of diabetes pill to do the job, and possibly pills for your blood pressure and your cholesterol, as well. This is very common. It's not a sign that your body is getting weaker; in fact, it's just the opposite! If you're able to control your diabetes with a combination of healthy eating, physical activity, and medication, you're actually getting and staying healthier and stronger. Keeping your A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol values in a safe range will help to lower your risk of getting certain complications, such as heart disease, eye disease, kidney disease, and nerve problems.

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