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Theranos Lab Testing at Walgreens

the blood tests that need just a tiny sample.

Walgreens partners with Theranos to provide lab services

Theranos is working to shape the future of lab testing. Now, for the first time, their high-complexity CLIA-certified laboratory can perform your tests quickly and accurately using tiny samples.1

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the blood tests that need just a tiny sample

Theranos is easy to find.

TheranosTM Wellness Centers are located inside select Walgreens in the greater Phoenix, AZ area and Palo Alto, CA—with more locations opening soon. With extended hours, including nights and weekends it's easy to fit your tests into your busy schedule.

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Theranos is easy to find

one tiny drop changes everything.

Theranos' CLIA-certified laboratory can analyze samples as small as 1/1,000 the size of the typical blood draw. Their lab can perform tests on any sample type, including blood, urine, and other samples. It's fast, easy, and the highest level of quality.

one tiny drop changes everything

covered and affordable.

Theranos is committed to making lab testing more accessible to everyone. That means pricing their tests at dramatically low rates. Theranos can accept major insurance carriers as well as Medicare and Medicaid. And if you're uninsured, they offer you the same discounted prices they offer everyone else. Because a test should cost the same, no matter who you are.

covered and affordable
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goodbye, big bad needle.

Instead of a huge needle, Theranos-trained technicians can use a tiny finger stick2 or collect a micro-sample from a venous draw.2 It's practically painless and a lot less scary. Now the entire lab testing process is comfortable, accommodating, and less intimidating—for people big and small.

goodbye, big bad needle

fast results. fast answers.

Theranos performs their test analyses fast, so they can return results to your clinician3 faster than ever before.3 That means a more timely diagnosis to support better, more informed treatment.

fast results. fast answers

It's easy to get started.


Get a lab order from your clinician.


Visit your nearest TheranosTM Wellness Center inside Walgreens.


Bring your lab order to the pharmacy.


Our friendly technician will take your sample.

Unrivaled convenience.

Find a TheranosTM Wellness Center at select Walgreens. No more trekking to an out-of-the-way laboratory. No more dealing with your health on someone else's terms. With extended hours, including nights and weekends – it's easy to fit your tests into your busy schedule.

Find TheranosTM Wellness Centers at these locations, with more opening soon.

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  1. Clinical laboratory services will be performed by Theranos, Inc., an independently owned CLIA-certified clinical laboratory that is not a subsidiary, agent or employee of Walgreen Co. or any of Walgreen Co.'s subsidiaries.
  2. Blood may be drawn by a finger stick or venous draw performed by a Theranos trained technician so that Theranos, Inc. may perform analysis in their CLIA-certified laboratory.
  3. Walgreen Co. and Theranos, Inc. do not have any obligation to directly advise patients with respect to the interpretation of the tests results or any treatment or care of any condition that the test results may indicate. All tests are ordered by a licensed health care clinician. For tests ordered by a health care clinician, Theranos, Inc. will provide the results to the ordering health care clinician. It is the patient's and ordering clinician's responsibility to review and interpret the results and determine an appropriate course of treatment.