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At Theranos, we're working to bring about a day when lab testing is accessible and affordable for everyone. So people can engage with their health and their physicians like never before, and no one has to say goodbye too soon.

Theranos is a CLIA-certified laboratory.1 And the first and only lab to proactively begin submitting all our Laboratory Developed Tests to the FDA for clearance and approval.

Theranos realizes its mission only when our tests are performed to the highest standards of quality. The performance of Theranos tests are routinely demonstrated through multiple accredited proficiency testing programs. And despite not being required to do so, Theranos is the first and only lab that submits all its Laboratory Developed Tests to the FDA.

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Visiting or living in Arizona?

Learn more about Direct Access testing at Theranos Wellness Centers ›

Theranos is easy to find.

You can find Theranos Wellness CenterTM locations inside select Walgreens in the greater Phoenix, AZ area and Palo Alto, CA—with more locations opening soon. With extended hours, including nights and weekends it's easy to fit your tests into your busy schedule.

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Theranos is easy to find

The same low prices for everyone.

Whether you have good insurance, bad insurance or no insurance at all, at Theranos we believe you should be able to afford lab testing. Which is why Theranos charges everyone the same low prices. Period. Theranos prices are clear, up-front, published online, and always a fraction of other labs. Meaning there are no surprises, and you know exactly what you're paying before you get tested.

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To evaluate organ function and check for conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease

To evaluate organ function and check for conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease

To evaluate thyroid function

To evaluate
thyroid function

To screen for and diagnose sexually transmitted infections

To screen for and diagnose sexually transmitted infections

To help evaluate insulin production

To help evaluate
insulin production

Smaller samples. Smaller needles. A better experience.

Our tests, including venous draws, require smaller samples than traditional labs. We also use much smaller needles. Ones designed specifically for collecting venous draws from children. So whether it's a few drops collected with a finger stick, or the smallest venous draw sample possible, Theranos tests mean less blood, an easier process, and a clear difference.2

Smaller samples. Smaller needles. A better experience

Fast results. Fast answers.

At Theranos, we've dramatically reduced the time it takes to analyze samples. So you and your physician get your results faster than ever before.3 Which means a more timely diagnosis to support better, more informed treatment. So you can engage with your physician, and your health, like never before.3

fast results. fast answers

Two simple steps.

Get a lab order.

Ask your physician to write you a lab order, or download one of our forms and bring it to your next appointment.

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Two simple steps.
Two simple steps.

Get tested.

Bring any lab order to a Theranos Wellness CenterTM located inside a participating Walgreens. We're open early, late and on the weekends.

Test results are not a guarantee of your health status or a substitute for conversations with a physician. Please do not make the decision to start or stop medication or forego medical tests or treatments until you have reviewed your test results with a physician. Your physician may recommend additional testing to confirm your results. Guests may not seek reimbursement from their health insurer for any tests ordered without a physician's order.
  1. Clinical laboratory services will be performed by Theranos, Inc., an independently owned CLIA-certified clinical laboratory that is not a subsidiary, agent or employee of Walgreen Co. or any of Walgreen Co.'s subsidiaries.
  2. Blood may be drawn by a finger stick or venous draw performed by a Theranos trained technician so that Theranos, Inc. may perform analysis in their CLIA-certified laboratory.
  3. Walgreen Co. and Theranos, Inc. do not have any obligation to directly advise patients with respect to the interpretation of the tests results or any treatment or care of any condition that the test results may indicate. For tests ordered by a licensed health care clinician, Theranos, Inc. will provide the results to the ordering clinician. It is the patient's and ordering clinician's responsibility to review and interpret the results and determine an appropriate course of treatment. At Arizona locations, guests may order tests without a clinician's order. In these cases, test results will be provided to the person who was tested. It is the responsibility of the person who was tested to arrange with the person's health care provider for consultation and interpretation of the test results. For additional terms and conditions, please see

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