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Medicare Part D - Switch & Save with copays as low as $0 on select plans.(1)
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Find a Medicare Part D Plan

Find a Medicare Part D Plan

Get informed and choose the Part D coverage that fits you best. Learn about the Annual Enrollment Period, preferred/network pharmacies, insurance plan providers, and how to enroll.2

Our Medicare Services

See Medicare-related services we offer, all in one place. Walgreens is your resource for Medicare Wellness Visits, vaccinations, Part B diabetes testing supplies and more.

Our Medicare Services
Understanding Medicare Parts A-D

Understanding Medicare,
Parts A-D

Important details you'll need to know if you're eligible. Learn how Medicare Part D differs from Parts A, B and C, and decide whether prescription drug coverage makes sense for you.

1 Information provided by Walgreens is not a substitute for your own research concerning your health care, including Medicare.

2 Applies to Tier 1 generics.

* Vaccines subject to availability. Not all vaccines available in all locations. State, age and health condition-related restrictions may apply.