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Air Freshener

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Air freshener

Keep your living and work areas smelling fresh and inviting with air freshener. Available in solids, sprays and oils, you can choose the scent and form of air freshener that best suits your space. For continuous fragrance, keep a solid room freshener in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Freshener sprays can address immediate needs to cover up an odor. There are also a variety of air freshener electronic devices that can constantly disperse scents from refillable oils or sprays.

Satisfying scents

If you have pets in your home or a floor plan where odors easily reach the other parts of the house, you may choose different types of air fresheners for different rooms. If you feel like you need a freshener at work, you may want to use a more subtle solid air freshener. We also carry classic air fresheners for the car that hang from rearview mirrors as well as products you can clip onto the air vents.

More odor solutions

If you need to neutralize odors in fabrics, you can spray fabric freshener directly on furniture, upholstery and sometimes carpets for immediate results. There are combination pet stain and odor remover sprays to use when your family pet has an accident. In addition, you can shop our wide selection of home fragrance products including traditional and flameless candles of varying sizes as well as reed diffusers that use a variety of essential oils.