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AM FM Clock Radio

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AM FM clock radio

Wake up to your favorite radio station or alarm sound With an AM FM clock radio.Powered by battery or power cord, these handy gismos are small enough to fit on virtually any nightstand.

Clock radio features

Our AM FM clock radios come equipped with multiple features, including automatic time setting, automatic daylight savings time and date adjustment, and automatic alarm resetting. Many alarm clock radios are built with backup lithium batteries, so if your spouse accidently knocks your alarm clock out of the wall, your radio alarm clock will still go off, and you'lll still wake up on time. Wake up to your favorite music CD or inspirational audio book when you purchase a new AM FM clock radio model with a built-in CD player.

AM FM radios for your portable music player

Most modern AM FM clock radios are compatible with many popular MP3 and multimedia music and movie players on the market. These modern clock radio alarms have universal docks, which allow you to charge your music player's battery and play music from your playlist right from the alarm clock radio dock. Adjustable bass and treble controls, portable speaker connections, multi-day alarm settings and programmable snooze times are just some of the other notable features of many modern AM FM clock radios. Use your AM FM alarm clock to wake you up each day, or use it as an entertainment device.