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Antibacterial Soap

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Antibacterial Soap

Wash your hands regularly with antibacterial soap to remain healthy all year. Antibacterial hand soap is your first line of defense against many contagious diseases that make the rounds every year. It doesn't matter if you choose a liquid hand soap, such as Lysol Healthy Touch Antibacterial Hand Soap, or an antibacterial bar soap, such as Dial or Safeguard Antibacterial Bar Soap; you kill more bacteria lingering on your hands to give you better protection against illness.

Keeping clean and germ-free

Take your bacteria-fighting prowess on the go with antibacterial wipes. These wipes fight to help you win the war against germs on skin and on the things you touch, such as shopping carts, along the way. Dial offers a line of antibacterial body wash that comes in several fragrances. These body wash products not only fight bacteria that cause illnesses but also bacteria that cause odors for double benefits. You live in a germ-filled world, and these products help you win the war against germs in your home and on the go.