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Barrier Creams

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Barrier creams

Formulated to seal out moisture from irritated skin, minor wounds or rashes in personal areas, barrier creams can promote healing and soothe. Moisture barrier creams can offer a hygienic healing solution, whether you use the cream yourself to relieve discomfort or are taking care of a loved one or patient. Some moisture barriers can also gently cleanse, while others include topical pain relievers. Select a barrier cream from brands Balneol, Calmoseptine and more.

Personal care at home

You can soothe skin after episodes of incontinence with barrier creams, and keep comfortable and clean with other incontinence supplies such as adult undergarments and body washes & shower gels. You'll find a wide range of products that can be used as part of home medical care available here at There are no rinse cleansers that make washing hair or skin convenient and simple. For other cleansing solutions, try personal cleansing cloths in a variety of formulas that can refresh and clean at home or on the go.