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Ben Wa Balls







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Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls are specially designed balls used when practicing Kegel exercises. These exercises increase the strength of the walls of the vagina, which can increase pleasure and sensation during sexual activity. Choosing Ben Wa Kegel balls can be difficult for anyone, especially beginners. offers sexual wellness products from sexual toys to personal lubricants and condoms.

Choosing Kegel balls

Kegel balls come in several different sizes, and you pick a size based on the size of your body. Beginners might find it helpful to start with the largest size available. As you slowly strengthen your muscles to hold the balls inside your body, you can move to a smaller size. You must also choose between the different materials available, including glass, plastic and silicone. The glass balls usually feature some type of design inside the glass, and people make these glass balls by hand. The glass balls also come in a box that makes it easy to store the Ben Wa balls for future use. The silicone balls have a softer design, and the Ben Wa balls come in a variety of different colors.

Balls with straps

If you have little experience with Kegel exercises, you might consider silicone balls with an attached strap. This strap keeps the balls tied together, and a small piece of the strap hangs outside your body. This makes it easier to gently remove the balls from your body after you finish your exercises. These Kegel exercise balls are usually made of silicone or plastic. The Ben Wa balls are suitable for anyone who wants to remove the balls easily.