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Canker Sore Home Remedies






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Canker sore home remedies

Canker sore home remedies are an effective way for getting rid of canker sores and treating the pain associated with them. They are a great way to find quick, discreet relief from a painful sore. There are a variety of treatments available for canker sores, and they vary in the way they are administered. A gel is available for canker sore treatment that is applied topically and numbs the area of pain, while diminishing the growth of the sore. This is a good option if the sore is in a place that a bandage will not easily stick. A canker sore patch is another option that will hide a blemish, while treating the pain. A clear gel patch can be applied directly in the mouth, and will last for 8-12 hours. A patch can also be applied on the outside of the mouth and will protect the sore from irritants such as food or braces.

Easy ways to treat a canker sore

Liquid sprays are available that contain canker sore medicine and are sprayed in the mouth to provide pain relief and localized medicine. A spray is a good option to treat canker sores if you require frequent application or are traveling. It is a good idea to avoid eating acidic foods while afflicted with a canker sore, as this may irritate the area and decrease the effect of the canker sore home remedy.