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Children's Chewable Vitamins







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Children's chewable vitamins

Children's chewable vitamins help ensure that your child is getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals he or she needs. These dietary supplements are specifically designed to meet the needs of children without containing nutrient doses that might be too high for a child.

Dietary supplements for kids

Dietary supplements for kids are designed to make up for potential nutrient deficiencies your child might have. Children who have severe food allergies or those who are picky eaters may benefit from children's chewable vitamins. Most children's chewable vitamins contain a basic complement of all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. However, not all children's multivitamins contain iron, which may not be necessary if your child's diet is high in this mineral. Some children's vitamins contain higher levels of specific nutrients in order to help boost the functioning of certain bodily systems, such as the brain or immune system. Your child's pediatrician can help you decide whether to give your child a daily multivitamin and which type is right for your child.

Taking children's chewable vitamins

Many children take a daily multivitamin each day. Because children's chewable vitamins are not difficult to swallow, children are more likely to enjoy taking their vitamins each day. These chewable vitamin supplements also tend to come in fun colors and shapes, such as animal shapes, to make them more appealing to children. As your child ages, he or she may need to transition to a different multivitamin, such as one designed for teens or young adults.