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Diabetes Test Strips

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Diabetes test strips

Testing your blood glucose isn't exactly pleasant, but it can be made easier depending on your choice of diabetic meter, lancing devices and diabetes test strips. Some glucose test strips are made to be used with specific diabetes monitors and brands, while others are compatible with several kinds. In any case, it's important that your diabetes test strips be accurate and reliable. Find the test strips that work with your blood glucose meter and are easiest for you to use among our varied selection.

As simple as possible

If your diabetes management program includes testing your blood glucose weekly, daily or multiple times a day, diabetic test strips are available in 25-, 50- or 100-packs to help you keep an ample supply on hand. If you're looking to minimize the time you spend testing, you can find diabetes test strips with features to simplify the process. There are test strips that don't require coding for easy use. There are also blood glucose test strips that are designed to be easy to open and handle as well as more absorbent to contain the blood sample.

Lifestyle management

There are lifestyle products that can help you manage diabetes. When it comes to diet, there are diabetic supplements such as shakes, diabetic snacks, cereals and sugar-free candy to help satisfy cravings without a blood sugar spike. There are even diabetic vitamins to help support overall health. Foot creams can help promote good circulation to lessen symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. There are also men's and women's diabetic socks designed for comfort that can also help keep your feet dry.