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Dryer Sheets

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Dryer Sheets

Keep your laundry soft and fragrant with dryer sheets. Simply pop a sheet in with your laundry to add a clean, fresh scent to your clothes, while simultaneously controlling static and reducing lint. If you prefer natural dryer sheets, brands like Mrs. Meyer's and BabyGanics make sensitive dryer sheets that do not irritate your skin. Whether you prefer floral scents, fresh rain or sun-kissed linens, dryer sheets protect your freshly-washed clothing and keep it soft and wearable.

Keeping laundry fresh

Clothing and fabric items often become musty with time. By using fabric softeners in your laundry, you ensure your clothing stays fresh longer. These softeners not only keep your apparel and linens comfortable to the touch, but they also provide a pleasant layer of fragrance that helps repel odors that might otherwise accumulate. Instead of laundering your clothes again and again, use softeners and dryer sheets to get your clothes fresh from the very beginning.