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Enamel Toothpaste

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Enamel toothpaste

Enamel toothpaste offers protection to the enamel covering of your teeth. Destruction of the enamel leads to the acceleration of tooth decay. Dentists recommend that adults and children more than two years old brush their teeth with enamel toothpaste after every meal. It only takes a pea-sized amount of enamel toothpaste to clean your teeth, massage your gums and ensure you leave the house with fresh breath. With so many choices available at, you are sure to find the right toothpaste to complement your morning routine. Choose a toothpaste that has the ingredients you need to protect your teeth and gums and freshen your breath between meals and before bed. Also, enamel toothpaste should not be ingested, so teach your children to not swallow while brushing.

Other enamel toothpaste benefits

Today's toothpastes offer added benefits beyond dental health. Many brands available at also offer teeth whiteners and breath fresheners in their formula. Billed as multi-benefit toothpastes, these dental products incorporate tartar control, fluoride, mint flavoring and gum-soothing ingredients into their product formula. Pair your enamel toothpaste with a quality soft-bristled toothbrush, dental floss and mouth wash for a complete dental health regimen. Develop a routine that includes a regular visit to your dentist for checkups and more advanced care.