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Feminine Cleansing Wipes

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Feminine cleansing wipes

Feel fresh every day with feminine cleansing wipes. These moistened cleansing wipes are available in individual packets for use at home or on the go. Because they're flushable, you can use them discreetly anywhere. Feminine wipes also come in a tub for home use and refill packs can save waste. You can keep individual cleansing wipes in your pocket or purse for use away from home. Choose a feminine cleansing wipe from brands such as Always or PureTouch.

Ingredients are important

Feminine cleansing wipes are formulated to be delicate and can include nourishing ingredients such as aloe and vitamin E. Some personal cleansing cloths are made from organic ingredients and are alcohol free. If you have skin sensitivities, look for a hypoallergenic feminine cleansing cloth to avoid irritation.

Clean and fresh

While feminine wipes help you feel clean, there are feminine hygiene sprays that can also help you stay odor-free. Try any of the different scents available and find the strength you need. If you don't want a spray, there is also feminine powder. Feminine hygiene powder absorbs moisture and may prevent itching and irritation.