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Flash Drive

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Flash drive

Arm yourself with a flash drive to easily transfer files, photos and more. Choose from compact, handy USB memory sticks with different levels of storage space depending on how you're going to use it. There are 2 GB, 4 GB and 16 GB capacities. Flash drives are available from Dane-Elec, PNY, and HP.

Versatile storage

Much like disks were used in the past to store backup files, you can use USB flash drives to make sure you won't lose your files if something happens to your computer. They're also convenient for moving music, videos, photos or documents from your home computer to work computer or other devices such as notebooks or laptops. Some flash drives come with caps that remove easily. These caps can feature a hole that allows you to string something through it to attach to your keychain or lanyard.

More for your computer

We carry a range of computer accessories that include keyboards, headsets and media cards. There are mice & trackballs to help you navigate, including retractable and mini mice in bright colors. You'll also find cables and speakers to use with your computer. Have a laptop or notebook? We've got cooling stands to prevent overheating, as well as computer bags that are easy to carry.