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Foundation Compacts







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Foundation compacts

Take your foundation with you anywhere you go for quick touch-ups or convenient, all-over application. Foundation compacts generally include everything you need  a brush, a mirror and of course, your foundation. You can choose between pressed powders, blendable makeup and cream foundation. Shop brands such as Neutrogena, Revlon and CoverGirl to find just the right shade for your skin tone.

Finding a foundation

Not only do foundation compacts offer a base for other cosmetics, they can contain a SPF to prevent sun damage. There are different levels of protection to choose from, as well as various types of ingredients. Look for foundation compacts that can even your skin tone for a natural look.

More options for your ideal look

If you're in need of a new foundation, you can browse the other types available here at We carry liquid foundation that you can blend with your fingertips or with a foundation brush. There are also stick concealers in a range of shades to help cover blemishes for a flawless look. Highlight your best features with blush, eye shadow and mascara perfect for days in the office or nights on the town.