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Heat Therapy Products

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Heat therapy products

Heat therapy products can sooth a number of common problems including muscular tightness, minor sprains and strains, and sinus pain. Gentle heat enhances the blood flow to specific areas of the body, encouraging muscles to heal. Some products can also be chilled, giving you the option of using an alternating heat and cold therapy. Walgreens offers heat therapy products from brands like Carex and Bruder.

Relieving pain

For muscular aches that don't require a doctor's attention, moist heat therapy products come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Mitten-style pads can relieve tendonitis in fingers or wrists, as well as ease arthritis-stiffened joints. Larger moist heat pads are useful for relaxing the lower back and shoulders. Pads are also available to go around your neck, easing shoulder and neck muscles after you've had a hard day. Smaller heat therapy products can be placed over the eyes to gently warm and ease sinus pain and pressure.

Cold therapy

If your joints get sore from tennis or other repetitive motions, consider using a warming wrap. It will help support the joint while providing an even warmth to improve circulation to the muscles. Modern heat therapy products provide the versatility to handle minor pains yourself. Most can be chilled in the freezer for cold therapy. To warm them, follow the directions for microwave heating. Products may need to have a bit of water added to create a soothing moist heat, or might absorb moisture from the air. They can be easily cleaned and reused as often as needed.