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KY Jelly

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K-Y Jelly

When personal dryness is making you uncomfortable, K-Y Jelly is the natural solution. Use this personal lubricant to restore vaginal moisture in intimate situations, so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself. K-Y Jelly is the popular choice as a personal lubricant because it works without being intrusive.

A personal lubricant that feels natural

You can apply K-Y Jelly to relieve vaginal dryness and feel comfortable with its fragrance-free, nongreasy texture that lets you forget that you're using a moisturizing product. This water-based lubricant does not adversely react with condoms or rubber-based items, like petroleum jelly. K-Y Jelly doesn't stain and can be rinsed off easily, making it a convenient option to enhance intimacy without sacrificing cleanliness. K-Y Jelly is effective and safe enough to use daily, so you never have to suffer through uncomfortable vagina dryness.

K-Y Jelly can be used for multiple purposes

K-Y Jelly is the perfect solution whenever you need to relieve dryness or reduce chaffing. This lubricating aid can be used to help insert rectal thermometers, enemas, or tampons. The K-Y Jelly version that warms up when applied enhances sensitivity and makes vaginal insertion more comfortable. With a tube of K-Y lube in the drawer of your bedside nightstand, you are always prepared for intimate situations that require a little bit of extra help. K-Y Jelly is the product that people trust to ensure that special occasions meet every expectation.