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Light Therapy Lamps

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Light therapy lamps

For a non-invasive way to treat low energy, seasonal affective disorder, or muscle soreness, choose from different kinds of light therapy lamps. There are a variety of sizes, colors and types of therapy lamps for use in the home or office. The power of full-spectrum, infrared and other UV-filtered light is available from brands LED Technologies, Day-Light and Sunpentown.

Healing light

If you have seasonal affective disorder, choose a SAD lamp that can simulate natural sunlight to help alleviate disruptive symptoms. These therapy lights are intended for use for a certain amount of time each day, usually in the morning, to help lift your mood. Other light therapy lights are designed to help you concentrate and give you energy while working at a desk. If you have muscle aches, there are LED lights that can help comfort. You can also find LED lamps that can help fight signs of aging by stimulating collagen production.

Lighting your home and more

There are also floor lamps that can replicate natural sunlight in any room of your home. Here at, you'll also find sunlight meters that measure the UV index to help you determine the level of suntan lotion needed during prolonged exposure to sunlight.