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Mineral Makeup

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Mineral makeup

Mineral makeup uses natural minerals to offer better cosmetic coverage without causing irritation. Some of the minerals used in these makeups also offer protection from the sun. Many people use makeups made from minerals to create a flawless look and get a more even-looking skin tone. Mineral-based cosmetics are suitable for a variety of skin types, including sensitive skin. If you are concerned about sun damage, choose mineral foundation that offers UV protection.

Loose and pressed powder makeups

Loose mineral powder can help reduce skin redness and improve the overall texture of your face. You can also use loose powder to set your liquid foundation in place. When applied with a powder brush, you can create a natural, flattering makeup look. Pressed mineral powder offers enhanced coverage of blemishes and spots. Pressed powder compacts are usually small enough to put in your purse and take wherever you go.

Mineral bronzers

Use a mineral bronzer to give your skin the appearance of a healthy glow. This type of mineral makeup will blend smoothly without leaving streaks. It will also help you create contouring and give your face added definition. Translucent mineral powder balances your skin tone without adding color. Use this makeup to create a look that is fresh and youthful without being noticeable. Translucent powder will absorb oil and help you get rid of unwanted shine. This powder can also be good for setting your foundation.