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Minerals are essential to preserving your health and the health of your entire family. Mineral supplements can be helpful in maintaining proper levels of minerals when they are combined with a balanced diet.

Mineral supplements

You can select from a wide variety of mineral supplements for delivery right to your door. Some supplements contain a single mineral, such as calcium or iron, whereas others contain a combination of minerals, or even vitamins and minerals. Some combinations of minerals are recommended for specific situations or life cycles, whereas others are perfect for just about everyone in your family. Mineral tablets and capsules are available, as are liquids and even chocolate soft chews that contain recommended doses of essential minerals.

Ordering minerals

Consult with your doctor, dietitian or nutritionist for advice regarding mineral supplements. Some of the more common mineral supplements that professionals recommend are calcium supplements, iron supplements, and multivitamins combined with a wide spectrum of minerals. Specific mineral formulas are available for children, pregnant women, older people, and people who are undergoing stress and other situations that may deplete the body of the minerals that it derives from proper food. Liquid mineral supplements may be easier for the body to absorb as well as easier for some people to take, and some minerals are available in extended-release formulas that allow for the minerals to remain active and available for several hours. When ordering minerals, make sure to order enough so that you always have a supply on hand to take according to your needs or your health care provider's recommendations.