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Picture Books







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Picture books

Kids and parents alike love picture books because they provide a fun story along with the visuals that keep a child's attention. Reading picture books aloud to your child is a good way to enjoy quality time together.

Options in children's books

Children's books come in a variety of styles. Picture books are typically aimed at young children who have not yet learned to read or who are just starting to learn to read. Babies and very young children may enjoy board books, which have thick pages that are difficult to tear or otherwise damage. Older toddlers and preschoolers may prefer picture books featuring their favorite cartoon characters. These books can help get a child excited about reading. As a child gets older, he or she may start to enjoy more complex storylines, so it is a good idea to match the complexity of the book to the age of the child.

Reading picture books

Many parents read picture books to their children as a before-bedtime ritual. You can also read a book with your child any time of day. Kids may also have fun looking at the pictures in a picture book when the parents are not around. As your child grows, you can encourage him or her to find specific items in the picture or guess what will happen next in the story. This can help the child develop a better attention span and exercise his or her creative thinking skills.