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Daily planners can help you keep track of your schedule and keep you on track and on time. Planners are available with clasps and in a variety of sizes as well as colors. Fortunately, offers a variety of planners to help you stay organized.

Choosing the right planner

There are many planning products available, allowing you to find one that meets your specific needs. People with just a few appointments or events each day may prefer to use weekly planners, which typically show one week over each two-page spread. Having three or four days per page is a great way to keep the physical size of a planner as small as possible, as information for the entire year can fit into just over 100 pages. Busier individuals may prefer daily planners that feature a distinct page for each day. These planners are larger, but offer a more generous amount of space to outline events and tasks for each day. Frequent travelers may prefer compact planners that can easily fit into a purse or briefcase. Wall calendars are great for keeping track of multiple schedules in a home or office environment.

Related products

Staying organized will probably require more than using a good planner. offers many other helpful tools that may help you with your organizational tasks such as filing supplies and labels. Writing implements such as pens and mechanical pencils are useful not only for recording items in planners, but also for use as a journal and other tasks.