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Posture Back Braces

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Posture back braces

Support your back and help keep it aligned with posture back braces. These braces for your back can stabilize and even alleviate discomfort. Available in sizes extra small to extra large, posture back braces are designed to hold your shoulders in their natural position. These supports are usually made out of an elastic material that can be worn under your clothing. Posture back braces from OTC Professional Orthopaedic are available here at

Back supports

In addition to back braces for posture Walgreens carries several options for lower back and abdominal support. There are abdominal binders in a range of sizes to help secure dressings or support weakened muscles. Lower back braces can come with hot and cold systems for therapeutic relief for stiff, aching backs. Industrial back belts are typically worn outside of your clothes on the job to support your back while lifting or performing manual labor throughout the day. Additionally, we have lumbar cushions you can use at home, work or in the car for your comfort.

Keeping your back healthy

In addition to back supports and braces, we carry other options to help relieve back pain. Orthotics for men and women can be inserted in your shoes and can sometimes offer immediate relief. There are also back pain relief systems that incorporate electronic pulses and sometimes heat therapy to help relax muscles and alleviate stress and strains. You can also use back pain relief medicine or ibuprofen or acetaminophen.