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Quad Canes







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Quad canes

For stable walking assistance, browse our selection of quad canes. The 4 tips on these walking canes can help you balance more easily. Choose between large base quad canes and those with small bases depending on the support and balance you need. Quad canes from brands Nova and Medline also come in different heights and bariatric canes can support larger individuals.

Finding the cane for you

Besides choosing the appropriate size quad cane for you, you can select your preferred color. Some even feature colorful designs and accessories such as wrist straps. Some canes have offset handles for a comfortable grip and stable hold as you walk. Certain bariatric quad canes can support up to 500 pounds.

More options

You have other cane options that include folding canes, seat canes and adjustable canes. For different mobility needs and occasions, there are also walkers wheelchairs, rollators and crutches. Help getting around the house is also available in the form of bed assist rails and lift chairs. Bathroom safety products such as bath mats, commodes and tub and wall mount grab bars can also help you stay safe, independent and mobile.