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Razor Bumps

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Razor bumps

Stop skin irritation and ingrown hairs with razor bumps creams, lotions and shaving systems. Razor bump treatments are designed to condition skin and protect against bumps that shaving can cause. Some razor bump prevention creams work for both men and women. There are also razor bump razors and razor cartridges designed specifically for the sensitive skin of African American men. Try a razor bump treatment from brands such as Bump Fighter or Tend Skin.

Smooth skin

Using a good razor can minimize razor bumps in addition to using a razor bump cream. After you shave, apply the razor bump lotion to your skin to condition and even help eliminate ingrown hairs. Razor bump treatments for men can be applied to the face and neck, while razor bump treatments for women can be applied to the legs, underarms and bikini area.

Stock up on shaving supplies

Looking for more pre and post shave products? Find shaving products for men and women here at We carry a broad selection of razors, shave cream moisturizers and aftershave lotion. Women can shop for disposable razors, epilators and scented shaving gels. Men have their choice or electric shavers that are rechargeable and ergonomically designed for a clean, close shave.