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Refresh Eye Drops

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Refresh Eye Drops

Relieve irritated eyes and keep your active lifestyle going by choosing Refresh eye drops. Refresh Optive lubricant eye drops are free of preservatives and suitable for use as often as needed. Refresh Celluvisc lubricant eye drops do more than simply soothe your eyes, and they work for a full 24 hours. The advanced moisturizing formula contains some of the same healthy ingredients as your natural tears.

Improving your vision after minor eye irritations

Flush and cleanse infected eyes with the ophthalmologist-recommended disinfecting solution by Refresh. When it comes to selecting the right sterile eye drops, Refresh Liquigel lubricant eye drops are a dependable and safe choice. Achieve quick, extra-strength relief and protection for your eyes. The exclusive thick-gel formula keeps dry eyes hydrated and moisturized with no side effects. Use the eye drops in cold winter weather, after eye surgery and any time you need to get rid of dryness and soreness so your eyes can feel better. Carry the convenient, single-use vials or multi-dose bottles with you when you are on the go. Seek your doctor's advice and follow the product instructions to eliminate the blur and get back to living life more clearly.