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Scar Treatment







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Scar treatment

Diminish or minimize scars with a scar treatment. There are several options for scar management that include sheets, oils, gels and serums as well as kits. Most scar treatments offer simple application and can be used on old or new scars. Some scar gels can also be used on stretch marks and uneven skin tones. Try a scar treatment from Mederma, Scar Zone or Scar Away.

Special care for your skin

Choose the type of scar treatment that is formulated to work on your surgery, injury or acne scars. Many scar reduction products work on most types of scars. Scar sheets and pads are washable and reusable for multiple treatments. Some scar creams and gels can be worn under make-up and clothing without worry. There are even treatments for scars that are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

More skin treatments

You can minimize spider veins with products to reduce their appearance within weeks. Creams applied regularly can diminish the appearance of spider veins as well as broken capillaries and burst blood vessels. We also carry bruise creams that can help reduce swelling and redness and restore your skin to its original tone and texture.