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Shoe Polish

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Shoe Polish

Shoe polish keeps your shoes looking shiny and new, even after years of use. Whether your favorite shoes are black, brown or white, you can use shoe polish to make them look more professional. has plenty of clothing and shoe care items to keep your clothes and shoes in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Instant shine

Some shoe shiners work instantly. Simply spray your shoes with the polish and watch them transform from dusty to shiny right before your eyes. Polishing spray contains wax that protects and moisturizes the leather in your shoes to keep it healthy while shining your shoes. Save time by spraying shoe polish on your shoes right before you leave the house; your shoes will look shiny and new by the time you get to the office.

Buffing with a sponge

If you haven't cleaned your shoes in a while, you might need liquid shoe shine to get them back to their original state. Simply put a little bit of shoe polish on a shoe shine sponge and gently glide the sponge over your shoes. Concentrate on the dirtiest areas first as you buff your shoes. Within a few minutes of polishing your shoes, you'll begin to see their original shine return. This type of instant polish comes in black or brown. If you have white dress shoes, use an anti-scuffing polish instead. This polish helps repair scuffs to the shoe so that your white shoes will look as good as new and be protected from further damage.