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Silicone Breast Prosthesis

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Silicone breast prosthesis

Take care in finding a silicone breast prosthesis that will fit and feel comfortable. There are different shapes and shades of prostheses available to help you find one that is close to your skin tone and looks natural in your post-mastectomy bras. Nearly Me offers different sizes of silicone breast prostheses here at

Finding a good fit

To find your fit, you can choose from oval and triangle breast prostheses shapes. You can also decide how realistic you would like the breast prosthesis to look. Some silicone prostheses are all one color while others include more detail. Most artificial breasts are interchangeable and can be used on the right or left side.

Post-mastectomy care supplies

After a mastectomy, you'll want to find a bra that can accommodate your silicone breast prosthesis. Mastectomy bras are available in lace or plain styles, and come in a variety of colors. Treat your scar with a scar sheet or scar sheet breast anchor to help minimize and soften it. You can also try other scar treatments including lotions and oils with aloe and vitamin E.