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Sugar Free Cough Drops

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Sugar free cough drops

You can get fast relief for a pestering cough or sore throat with sugar free cough drops. These sugar free cough suppressants are safe for diabetics and you don't have to worry about them adding sugar to your diet or harming your teeth. Sugar free cough drops are available in a variety of types and flavors, including those that help hydrate a dry mouth and others with oral anesthetics to soothe discomfort.

Sugarless cold medicine

You can also treat cold symptoms without added sugar. Sugar free cold medicine can help give you the relief you need. Choose between sugar free decongestant, sugar free cough medicine and other options to help eliminate your discomfort.

A sugar-free diet

There are plenty of sugar free treats to choose from if you're diabetic. From sugar free chocolates and cookies to sugar free hard candy, you can get the satisfaction you want without added sugar. If sugarless treats are a part of your diabetes management, browse our diabetic supplies assortment of blood glucose monitors, diabetic lancets, test strips, alcohol prep pads and more. These diabetes supplies and a variety of other options are available for your home medical health needs.