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Tape is one of the most versatile tools you can own. Depending on the type of project you are working on, you may need more than one type of tape or a highly specialized variety. Choosing the right tape for your purpose can make your project a success, so pick carefully.

Choosing the right tape

You have to evaluate the project you will be completing before you purchase tape. Transparent tape is often the best choice for simple craft or school projects. If you are wrapping a present, you might prefer invisible tape. This type of tape is almost impossible to see, making a wrapped present look extra special. Duct tape was originally designed to seal ducts, but is now useful for a variety of craft projects. You can use duct tape to create wallets, dresses, and other fantastic creations. It is also useful for a variety of home repair applications. Some duct tape comes in bright colors and patterns, so it can be a fun and offbeat choice for gift wrapping. If you will be packing up boxes for shipping, or are planning a move, consider packing tape that comes on a dispenser. This will allow you to easily hold the tape in one hand while holding the box closed with the other.

Applying tape

Always apply tape to a clean and dry surface. If the surface is covered with dust or dirt, the debris will adhere to the tape and interfere with the strength of the bond. Use soap and water to clean dirty surfaces. Try to cut the tape you will be using before you begin your project so that you don't have to use scissors while holding your project in place.