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Tinted Lip Balm







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Tinted lip balm

Moisturize and protect your lips from the elements with a tinted lip balm that can give your lips a touch of pretty color. You can have the shade, the flavor and the sun protection factor you want with these lip balms. Keeping your lips feeling comfortable and looking great can be easy with tinted lip balms here at from brands CoverGirl and Nivea.

Soft and smooth lips

In addition to tinted lip balm, you can choose between lip moisturizers and balms made with a variety of ingredients that offer lip-conditioning benefits. There are shea butter lip balms, beeswax lip balms and a variety of natural lip balms made with oils from nature. Prevent chapping and dryness while soothing discomfort with a medicated lip balm.

Color and shine

Looking for a bolder tint or sheen? Browse our selection of lip makeup. You'll find lip gloss, lip stain that can be long-lasting, and lipstick in a variety of shades. You can frame your lips with a lip liner that can prevent feathering outside the line to give you an expert look.