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Schizoaffective disorder
Health Info - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...schizoaffective disorder is unknown. Changes in genes and chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters) may play a role. Schizoaffective disorder is believed to be less common than schizophrenia and mood...

Big Belly, Big Problem: The Dangers of Belly Fat


Declare battle against the bulge: Learn why abdominal fat poses a danger to your health, and how to shed the pounds that matter most.

Allergy Treatment (Seasonal)
Health Info - Allergy Treatment (Seasonal)

...certain areas (nose,sinuses, eyes). Allergies are relatively common. Both genetics and environmental factors play arole. Common allergens include pollen, mold, pet dander and dust. Food and drugallergies are...

Source:  Walgreens

Your Guide to Safer Sex


Unprotected sex is like a game of roulette. The more you play, the greater the chance your number comes up. But the stakes – sexually transmitted infections, health problems and unplanned pregnancy – are much higher.

Your Guide to Managing Menopause


Here's what you need to know about the transition into menopause–and life after the change takes place.

NICU staff
Health Info - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...of nurse has received special training in caring for babies in the NICU. Nurses play a very important role in the continuous monitoring of the baby and the support...

Brain tumor - primary - adults
Health Info - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...of primary brain tumors is unknown. There are many possible risk factors that could play a role. Radiation therapy to the brain, used to treat brain cancers, increases the...

Diversity Inclusion
Health Info - Diversity Inclusion

...News takes a closer look at an economic and human success story happening atWalgreens. Play Video ViewTranscript * NBC Nightly News NBC Nightly highlights Walgreens initiative to combine special needs...

Source:  Walgreens

Exercise and children
Health Info - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia a dangerous increase in childhood obesity. Children should be given many opportunities to play, run, bike, and participate in sports, preferably on a daily basis. Exercise should be...

Are there any adverse reaction of long term drug use?
Pharmacy - Pharmacist FAQ

Chronic (long term) use of any drug may potentially result in liver and/or kidney damage. Thisis due to the vital role these two organs play in the metabolism and elimination of chemicalcompounds. Although developing liver and/or ...

Source:  Walgreens

Keep Blood Sugar Under Control


With all the diabetes treatment options available today, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Learn how to find the best drug therapy for you and discover other ways you can keep your blood sugar in check.

Health Info - Cholesterol

Interactive Tools &Trackers HealthEncyclopedia AlternativeMedicine CareGuides In-DepthReports Ask a Pharmacist Pharmacy Chat DrugInformation Check Drug Interactions Joslin DiabetesCenter Health Shops Allergy BloodPressure Diabete...

Source:  Walgreens

What is soy?
Pharmacy - Pharmacist FAQ

Soy is a grain that is grown throughout the world. Recent research has shown that theisoflavones are considered to be the active component in soy. Several reports have recentlybeen published on the benefits of soy. The U.S. Food a...

Source:  Walgreens

C1 esterase inhibitor
Health Info - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...that move freely through your bloodstream. The proteins work with your immune system and play a role in the development of inflammation. There are nine major complement proteins. They...

Smoking - tips on how to quit
Health Info - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia If you normally smoke after eating, find other ways to end a meal. Play a tape or CD, eat a piece of fruit, get up and make a...

Health Info - Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...cells to bulge out. This creates the rippled look of cellulite. Your genes may play a part in whether or not you have cellulite. A poor diet, "fad" dieting...

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