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What are cold sores?
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Cold sores and fever blisters are painful, fluid-filled blisters on the lips or nearby skin. Avirus called herpes simplex type 1 causes them. Cold sores are contagious and are spread bytouch. They often appear when you're under st...

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Carmex lip balm

Probably only Blistex lip balm and Chapstick lip balm are as familiar and popular as Carmex. If you're loyal to the Carmex brand you'll be pleased with the selection of Carmex lip balms featured here at We carry the original Carmex jar lip balm with the lip-tingling sensation and germ-killing menthol and phenol to relieve the symptoms of cold sores. You'll find the convenient Carmex stick and tube lip balms here too. Carmex also comes in different flavors and tints so you can add a little color and shine to your lips while you protect them against dryness or chapping. Carmex lip balms also come with SPF protection to keep your lips safe from sun and wind damage.

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