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hair removal creams


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What is Vaniqa?
Pharmacy - Pharmacist FAQ

Vaniqa? (eflornithine) is a prescription cream approved by the FDA in theUnited States for treating excessive facial hair in women, which is often part of hirsutism . Vaniqa? seems to slow facial hair growth by interfering withthe...

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Allergic reactions
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...or plastic credit card). Do not use tweezers; squeezing the stinger will release more venom...may also apply over-the-counter cortisone cream. Watch the person for signs of increasing...

Crohn's disease
Health Info - Crohn's disease

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Acne Products
Company Info - Help

...2.5%- to10%-strength lotions, gels, or creams. ( Benzoylperoxide products also are available by prescription...allergic reaction will occur. Benzoylperoxide can bleach hair and fabric, including sheets, towels, and clothing...

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OTC Head Lice Treatments
Company Info - Help

...two years and older is permethrin 1% cream rinse ( Nix? ). It's even more effective...Head lice treatment directions Make sure that hair is completely dry before using Nix? or...

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Ask a Pharmacist
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