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Synthetic hair weaves

Change your look with synthetic hair weaves. You can choose from different styles and multiple shades. There are curly hair weaves and wavy hair weaves. Most curly synthetic hair weaves are six inches long while the wavy hair weaves are typically 15 inches long. Shop for a hair weave from brands such as Envy Hair Collection and Hip Hop Hair Collection here at

More alternatives

You can also change your look with hair extensions. We carry an assortment that includes different types, shades and lengths. Try a clip-in ponytail extension or braid extension that comes out easily. You can also choose a twist or bangs to vary your hairstyle. Everything you need to get started is here: weaving needle sets, weaving thread and hair bonding glue.

Special treatment

Shop our wide variety of ethnic hair products for hair care just right for you. Ethnic hair care options include many different hair treatments and styling products. Some hair lotions, hair dress products and conditioners for ethnic hair can help keep your hair and scalp healthy. There are products to form, style and care for dreadlocks and braids. In search of hair straighteningoptions? A flat iron offers a daily styling solution, while hair relaxers can straighten and smooth for a long-term style.

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