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Temporary Hair Color Spray

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Hair spray poisoning
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Hair spray poisoning occurs when someone breathes in (inhales) hair spray. This is for information only and not for use in the treatment or management of an actual poison exposure...

Hair dye poisoning
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Hair dye poisoning occurs when someone swallows dye or tint used to color hair. This is for information only and not for use in the treatment or management of an...

What is Nizoral A-D?
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Nizoral? A-D is anover-the-counter shampoo that treats the flaking, scaling and itching from dandruff. Nizoral?A-D contains 1% ketoconazole, an antifungal drug that works against pityrosporum ovale, afungus believed to cause a com...

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...people experience side effects while taking Mutamycin? (mitomycin). Common side effects include: nausea, vomiting, weight loss, appetite loss,abdominal pain, dehydration, temporary hair loss or thinness and sores or pain...

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Temporary hair color spray

Want a new hair color without committing to a permanent change? Try a temporary hair color spray. Choose from brown, black, or blonde, or make a bold statement with pink, green, blue or purple. They can easily be used to color tips, streaks or bangs. Find a temporary hair color to fit your need, whether it's a vibrant color or one that rinses out with your next shampoo here at

Ready for something more permanent?

In addition to temporary hair color products, we carry a selection of semi-permanent hair color. These hair dyes give your hair the same healthy look and feel as permanent color, but will only last about a week. Maybe you're ready for a more long-term change? Revitalize your hair's appearance with permanent hair color. We've got hundreds of products to choose from on for men and women with any hair type, including ethnic hair. Many shades and various application techniques are available for your choosing. You'll find your desired hair color with the selection available from favorite name brands including Clairol, L'Oreal, Garnier, SoftSheen CarSon, Just For Men and more


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