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Bathroom Grab Bars







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Bathroom grab bars

Make your bathroom a safer place by installing bathroom grab bars. Bathtub rails and grab bars can help both adults and children get in and out of the bath or shower. Others can be placed next to the toilet for easy use. Many don't require drilling or hardware, so you can easily install your bathroom grab bars from brands such as Nova, Medline and MHI.

Fitting your needs

If you'd like to be able to adjust or move your bathroom grab bars according your changing needs, browse suction cup grab bars that offer a secure hold until you'd like to move them. There are also standing grab bars and other options such as transfer benches to help you move a patient from a wheelchair or other mobility device.

Independence in your home

In addition to grab rails for the bathroom, we carry mobility assistance options here at that can help you safely get around the house. Shower chairs and bath stools can simplify shower time and help you stay comfortable while washing. Bed assist rails are here to make getting in and out of bed easier. Some bed rails can even help prevent falling out of bed during the night.