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Save important files, music, photos, videos, and more on DVD-R discs. These discs offer a larger amount of storage space than a CD, so you can save more files to a single disc. Walgreens sells DVDs from well-known brands like Sony and Maxell.

Blank DVDs

DVD R discs can be used to save files on a computer. These DVD discs offer up to 4.7 GB of storage space or 120 minutes of video, so there is plenty of room for storing important files, backing up your favorite videos, saving your favorite songs, or keeping your treasured photos. Before you purchase a recordable DVD, you need to know which type of DVD R is compatible with your device. There are two types of DVD discs: DVD-R and DVD+R. Most DVD burners are labeled, so it should be easy to determine which type of disc you need.

Camcorder discs

A digital camcorder saves files to a blank DVD discs. If you need a DVD for your camcorder, choose a compatible disc with the right amount of storage for your needs. Be sure to determine which type of DVD R your camcorder needs before you purchase discs. Some of these discs are resistant to scratches, so you will not have to worry about accidental damage when changing and storing your recordable DVD discs. The recording time on these discs will vary according to the mode used on your camcorder while recording. The LP mode offers the longest amount of recording time, but the HQ mode offers the highest video quality.