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Nail Treatments


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Athletes Foot and Ringworm Treatment
Health Info - Athletes Foot and Ringworm Treatment

...dead tissues of the skin, hair, and nails. Contact with infected persons, animals,or infected...appearance of a ring. What is the treatment for athlete's foot and ringworm (Tinea...

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Raynaud?s phenomenon
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...conditions that may cause Raynaud's phenomenon. Treatment The following lifestyle changes may help people...with smooth, shiny skin and slow growing nails Calling your health care provider Call your...

Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...Blood gases Chest x-ray Nasal fluid cultures (to determine which virus is present) Treatment Sometimes, no treatment is necessary. Supportive therapy can include: Chest clapping Drinking enough fluids...


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...Care Natural & Organic Personal Care WeeklyDeals Medicines & Treatments Cough, Cold & Flu Pain Relief & Management Allergy...Jack Black ? Lab Series ? Origins ? Perricone MD Nail Care ? ButterLONDON ? DeborahLippmann ? essie ? NARS ? Orly Cleansers...

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Nail treatments

Help your nails grow to just the length you want with nail treatments that can strengthen and fortify. By preventing breakage, nail strengtheners can help your nails grow longer. If you want them to grow even faster, choose from an assortment of growth treatments. Here at, you'll find a variety of nail treatments from brands such as Sally Hansen, Essie and Nutra Nail to meet your needs.

Healthy and strong nails

You can choose a specific type of nail treatment to address your concerns or go with a kit that includes multiple treatments for healthy nails. If you regularly paint your nails, try a nail polish remover that offers nail-conditioning benefits. There are also base coats from our wide selection of nail polishesthat can help keep your nails strong, as well as top coats for a lasting, shiny finish.

Trimming, shaping and buffing

Maintaining your nails properly is also important to keeping them strong. Cut your nails to a length that's comfortable and practical for you by using a nail clipper. With a nail file, you can then shape them to be rounded, straight-edged or anything in between. Buffers can also help to shape and add a glossy, natural-looking sheen to your nails.

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