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Hand Creams

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Company Info - Help keeping your face clean and your hands away from your face. Usingany good cleanser...acne with over-the-counter lotions or creams containing salicylic acid andbenzoyl peroxide. You can...

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Hand creams

Hand creans can be an important part of your skin care routine, no matter what season it is. To keep your paws soft and healthy looking, invest in a good lotion or cream for your type of skin. Hand moisturizing lotions can also be scented with pleasing scents like lavendar, vanilla and shea butter. offers moisturizers from well-known brands like Canus, Aquaphor and Jergens.

Moisturizer types

Most hand creams have conditioning agents come in other products, such as hand moisturizing soap. Some of these products have synthetic medicinal ingredients to help protect and heal your hands, while others rely on natural derivatives to prevent and cure dry skin. During colder seasons, such as dry winter months, deeper moisturizers may be needed. Even during warmer times, however, a lighter version is needed to keep your skin in good condition.

Extra skin conditioning opportunities

Whether you prefer a cream or a lotion, many brands offer the benefits of extra moisturizing ingredients. Some body lotions can be used as effectively on your hands, as well as the rest of your body. It all depends on your skin type, and how you use your hands. For example, if you spend your day dishwashing and cleaning with chemicals, a deep penetrating cream should be used nightly to prevent your skin from cracking and irritation.

Choosing hand moisturizers

Look for moisturizing hand soaps, body washes, shower gels and other bath products. Research the different brands that are marketed towards your type of skin, whether your particular problem is flakiness or an ashy appearance. Moisturizers that contain ingredients for reducing aging issues, such as spots or wrinkles, are also available. If you are sensitive to chemicals, look for natural alternatives such as milk, honey or aromatherapies to help soften your skin.

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