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To determine which one is right for you, browse the many features and types of walkers available here at Start with standard walkers that can offer sturdy walking support. There are also folding walkers for easy storage and travel, and some walkers have two wheels in the front for functionality. Rolling walkers can be even easier to push, and feature hand brakes for your safety. If you have a foot or ankle injury, you can use a knee walker to take weight off of that foot. Many of these walkers from brands Nova, Drive Medical and Medline are available in different colors to help you show a little flair with your mobility aid.

Choosing the walker for you

If you need the most stability you can get from a walker, a standard walker may be the best choice. For a little added mobility outside or on uneven surfaces, you can try a wheeled walker with two wheels in front. If you can control a rolling walker, you can get the most mobility from these rollators, since they have four wheels. Make sure to select a walker that can extend or shorten to the height you need. You can also find bariatric walkers and heavy duty walkers that can support up to 650 pounds.

Walker Accessories and more

After you've chosen a walker that meets your needs, you can browse our selection of walker accessories to help make using it easier or more comfortable. Walker trays can hold food, drink or other items and are made for use with either standard aluminum walkers or rolling walkers. You might find you can push your walker more easily with walker coasters. There are also walker baskets and bags that can help you stay independent by carrying your own things.

If you aren't quite ready for a walker, you can always check out the variety of adjustable walking canes for walking assistance.