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Diaper Rash Treatment

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Diaper Rash Treatment

Lanolin, aloe and beeswax are just a few of the ingredients that are often used in diaper rash treatment. It is usually safe to try a diaper rash home treatment when you notice this condition's telltale signs, which include peeling skin, warmth to the touch and redness on your baby's buttocks. Common home remedies for diaper rash range from washing your child's bottom with warm water to applying aloe vera gently to the affected area.

Other diaper rash treatment options

If you prefer to use a store bought product, your choices encompass many treatments that are hypoallergenic and free of fragrances. One option is Desitin, which is packed with healing zinc oxide, petrolatum and cod liver oil. This product is tested by dermatologists and usually improves your baby's symptoms in less than 12 hours after its use. Another alternative treatment option is Butt Paste by Boudreaux, which contains Peruvian balsam and castor oil and nourishes chafed skin and protects against wetness.