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Over The Counter Flu Medicine

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Over the counter flu medicine

For soothing comfort while you're under the weather, choose an over-the-counter flu medicine that targets your symptoms. There are specific cold and flu medicines made just for congestion, cough and fever. If you're suffering from a variety of symptoms, you can go with multi-symptom relief in liquid or caplet forms. Find help for getting better faster with over-the-counter flu medicine from Vicks, Alka-Seltzer and TheraFlu.

Flu treatment options

In addition to many popular over-the-counter flu medicines, there are homeopathic remedies that contain natural ingredients to help relieve discomfort. Many cold and flu liquids come in different flavors that can make them easier to take. If it's difficult for you to get a full night of rest while you've got the flu, turn to nighttime cold and flu relief that can alleviate discomfort and help you sleep.

Staying comfortable and healthy

Also browse our selection of pain relievers and fever reducers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen. Cough drops and lozenges offer relief that you can take with you anywhere. To help you avoid the flu or cold, there are immune support tablets and vitamin C supplements to take daily. Make sure you stay hydrated with water, sports drinks or broth.