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Face Cream

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Poison Ivy, Poison Oak & Poison Sumac Treatment
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...carried to otherbody parts, such as the face Neither the rash nor the fluids from...and for possible prescription of corticosteroid pills, creams, orointments.* This treatment is available at Healthcare...

Source:  Walgreens

Oily skin
Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

...frequent face washing causes irritation. Use only water-based or oil-free cosmetics if you have oily skin. Your health care provider may also recommend or prescribe creams to absorb...

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...thighs. Less commonly, bumps appear on the face and may be mistaken for acne. the appearance of the skin. Skin creams with medications containing urea, lactic acid, glycolic...


Face cream

Keep your face looking healthy, luminous and youthful by choosing a face cream that works with your skin type. With our large assortment of products, you can find a face cream that targets nearly any problem area. Walgreens has facial creams from multiple well-known brands.

Types of face lotion

The ideal face cream is one that addresses specific concerns while also improving your overall complexion. Anti-aging cream targets the signs of aging that build up gradually, including fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Anti-aging creams often feature nourishing vitamins that tone and brighten the skin while smoothing out wrinkles. Sunscreen lotions addresses future skin damage at the source by effectively fighting against sunburn or sun damage. Some types of face cream are intended to be worn beneath makeup. Facial primer creams smooth out imperfections to create a better base for foundation and concealer.

Selecting a face cream

For frequent use, choose a face cream that features gentle yet effective ingredients. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts or irritation, sensitive skin lotions contains mild ingredients that will nourish your delicate skin without causing unwanted reactions. Your face cream should fit into your existing beauty or grooming routine without any added hassle. If you have a busy schedule, night cream stays on while you sleep, working all night to soothe, nourish and pamper your complexion. For a naturally dry complexion, hydrating face cream restores moisture and suppleness and gives your complexion the radiance you deserve.

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