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Shaver Heads

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Shaver heads

When you notice your electric shaver starting to pull on your hairs, it may be time to replace the shaver head. Working shaver heads are necessary to get an even, sharp cut and a close shave. Whether you use your shaver on your face or on your head, keeping the shaver heads in good condition is essential. Here on, there are replacements for Braun, Philips Norelco and Conair.

Replacement heads

Most electric shaver manufacturers suggest shaver replacement heads should come at least once every 12 months or every 150 shaves, even if they are showing no sign of obvious wear. Replacement heads are easy to put on, so you can get them yourself and do it at home. Because shaver heads are specific to each electric razor, you will need to look up the specific model you need before purchasing them.

Electric razor heads

Depending on the type of electric razor you have, your model could include anywhere from one to five shaver heads in the razor assembly. If you have a model with multiple heads, avoid mixing old razor heads and new razor heads. Instead, replace all of your razor heads at the same time. It may be a good idea to complete all razor maintenance at one time, so you might also choose to replace the batteries and clean the razor when you replace the heads.